Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rainy Saturday

All day I've been cooped up inside because of the rainy weather. It's KILLING me! So while I was sitting inside I began craving Spring so I started up a list of the hottest trends so far for this spring that I love!
Spring 2009 Favorites so far:
-Braids, and lots of them!! (I've recently started braiding random pieces and trying different looks! It's really fun to see what I come up with.)
-My mocassins! I bought them last August, and they're the most comfortable shoes I have ever laid my feet into! They go fantastic with my Boho style, and I can pair them with just about anything.
-Scarves!! They can make the simplest tshirt look really chic.
-Bright colored skinny jeans
-Bright & animated purses.
-Neon rayban sunglasses
-Out of this world hair acessories (I absolutely ADORE my Flowered headbands!)
-Bright colored fingernail polish!
Well that's about it.. everybody break out your good fillin/chillin Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson music, because the great weather is coming! I feel it in my bones. hehe

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